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Let us solve your cash flow needs Why Invoice Factoring

Many good companies are faced with the challenge of tight cash flow during periods of high growth or temporary set backs due to insufficient liquidity and/or working capital. Much of their working capital is often sitting in the accounts payable department of their clients. As a result, it is commonplace for companies to struggle to meet payroll demands and make timely payments to suppliers. By converting these accounts receivable to cash, Halo Capital Funding can provide you with the liquidity necessary to meet your obligations without all the pressure and stress related to tight cash flow.

Benefits of factoring
  • Provides immediate cash flow
  • Unlimited capital – Invoice Factoring is the only source of financing that grows with your sales
  • You don’t relinquish equity, as with an investment or additional partners
  • Take advantage of supplier early payment and volume discounts
  • You have the ability to make volume purchases from suppliers
  • Finance rapid sales growth
  • Purchase necessary equipment or inventory
  • Take advantage of trade discounts
A business must weigh the cost of invoice factoring against not having cash flow. The example below shows how your company could grow with accounts receivable financing.

Without the use of Factoring With the use of Factoring
Monthly Revenue $100,000.00 Monthly Revenue $200,000.00
Cost of Goods  $70,000.00 70% of revenue Cost of Goods Sold $140,000.00 70% of revenue
Monthly Gross Profit $30,000.00 30% of revenue Monthly Gross Profit $60,000.00 30% of revenue
Fixed Expenses $20,000.00 Fixed Expenses $20,000.00
Variable Expenses $5,000.00 5% of revenue Variable Expenses $10,000.00 5% of revenue
Factoring Fee N/A Factoring Fee $6,000.00 3% Fee *
Net Profit $5,000.00 5% of revenue Net Profit $24,000.00 12% of revenue

* This factoring fee is for example purposes and can vary based on each particular deal.

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Why Invoice Factoring Dallas-Fort Worth | Halo Capital Funding, LLC

Why consider invoice factoring Dallas-Fort Worth? Converting accounts receivable to cash provides you with the working capital needed to meet your obligations and grow your business.

If you're considering invoice factoring as part of your business financing strategy and researching factoring companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Halo Capital Funding.

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