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Frequently Asked Questions about Factoring Accounts Receivables Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I factor my invoices?
Many good companies face the challenge of tight cash flow during periods of high growth or temporary set backs due to economic conditions, or unforeseen mishaps. Much of their working capital is sitting in their customers’ accounts payable departments. As a result, it is common for small companies to struggle to meet payroll, or make timely payments to suppliers. By converting these invoices into immediate cash, you can provide the liquidity necessary to meet your obligations without all the pressure and stress related to tight cash flow.

Who is a Halo Capital Funding client?
Halo Capital Funding clients provide a product or service to creditworthy clients and offer invoice payment terms to these clients. If your company meets this test, then Halo Capital Funding may be a financing option. The only industry we exclude from consideration is health care (where the invoice is sent to an insurance company).

Will Halo Capital Funding provide a benefit to my company?
The simplest way to answer this question is for you to ask yourself the following question: Would converting your accounts receivable to cash the day your client is invoiced give you the liquidity you need to run your company? If you answer YES, then Halo Capital Funding can impact your company in a positive way.

Do we have to factor all of our receivables?
No. You have the flexibility to submit all or part of your invoices based on your particular cash flow needs.

We lost money last year, but have stabilized the business now. Will Halo Capital Funding consider me as a client?
Yes – If we can step in and give you the liquidity you need to work out of a difficult time, we will definitely consider your company.

We are a start-up company, and have customers with a strong credit profile. Will Halo Capital Funding consider working with us now?
Yes – Our decision to accept a start-up company as a client will be based on a number of criteria, including its financial condition and the nature of the product or service it provides. Halo Capital Funding is a viable source of funding for start-up entities.

What are my fees dependent on?
The fees are dependent on several factors; including volume, type of industry, customer creditworthiness, and average invoice amount.

How long does it take to work through the application process and get funded?
Once we receive a completed application, funding can usually be achieved within one week to two weeks.

Who needs factoring?
Companies that are growing rapidly, companies that are young, companies without a strong balance sheet, and companies in bankruptcy may all be candidates.

Is factoring a long term solution?
Factoring is designed to be a bridge, not a long term solution. Let us help you build a bridge to traditional bank financing.

Do I have to sign a long term agreement?
With Halo there are no annual commitments, monthly minimums, or setup fees.

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